Vintage-Inspired Kids / Guest Bathroom Reveal

The vintage-inspired kids / guest bathroom is done, and ready for the kids to mess it up! What started as a boring ’90s builder-grade bathroom has been transformed into a little character-filled haven. Let me take you on a tour of this cute bathroom, the design process, and all the DIY projects involved. First, here is where we started…

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The bathroom BEFORE

…and here is the finished room!

Vanity Glow Up

Deciding against replacing the vanity cabinets was a decision I second-guessed a time or two. But it was a decision I could not go back on because I’d ordered the countertops installed at the same time as the kitchen way back when! There was no way to make them look new (the style of cabinet doors is something you don’t see on modern units) so I embraced the old-fashioned design and painted them. I wanted a rich yet fun color, and landed on Gingham by Behr.

Backsplash Tile + Countertops

For the countertops I wanted a marble-look quartz similar to my kitchen, but it did not have to be as elaborate (or expensive) as the Lumina. The bathroom quartz is called New Carrara Marmi by MSI.

A marble mosaic backsplash would work perfect with the counters and the vintage vibe, but I just couldn’t find a mosaic that felt unique to me. I ended up buying some marble subway tile and cut them down as I pleased! The finished look was worth the gamble. Now the backsplash looks refined yet not too modern.

Vanity Area Metal Finishes: Hardware, Faucet, Mirror & Lighting

I have a love-hate relationship with mixing metals. I never set out to do so just for the sake of mixing. Whenever I mix metal finishes it’s to sort of solve a problem. In this case brass looked perfect against the Gingham blue vanity paint. Yet the chrome looked perfect against the marble backsplash! Also, the Pottery Barn vanity light I’d fallen in love with was a dark antique brass that would be too hard to match a faucet with. So I mixed chrome and brass throughout. The mirror was originally bronze, so I hand painted it with liquid leaf gold paint.

Painted Floors

You can read about my decision to paint the floors here and here. I feel that the controversy around painting your floors can be solved by answering a few simple questions. One of which: Were vinyl floors the alternative anyway? In this case the answer is yes.

For the price point of this house, and in this region, vinyl sheet flooring is acceptable. In fact, many new builds and model homes here have sheet vinyl flooring in all bathrooms but the master! I shopped for some, but I found none as adorable as these grey and white checkered floors I created by hand!

Trim + Wainscoting

Wainscoting or paneling is a must for a vintage-inspired bathroom! I am no stranger to DIY wainscoting, but I normally opt for a board and batten look. This time I went traditional with recessed panels. I love when millwork contrasts with the walls but I painted it one shade darker white, then did a fun faux wallpaper look with a stencil I found on Amazon.

Finishing Touches

The framed nautical prints over the toilet are from North Prints. The towel hooks are great for a kids bathroom since there is no way towels will stay neatly folded in here! Since renovating the shower was not on the list, I simply spruced it up with a larger shower head and a new shower curtain. Now this room is all ready for the boys to wreak some havoc during bath time! On to the next project!