My Favorite Unique Wall Sconces

Antique brass, art deco, and concrete wall sconces! Since my original main bathroom renovation called for single wall sconces, I spent a few days online shopping obsessively for the perfect ones. Low and behold I had to change my design and opt for one double wall sconce. So, I spent the next few days after that searching obsessively for… you get the picture. Here is a round-up of my favorite unique wall sconces I found on my hunt.

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Unique Wall Sconces (single light)

Collage of unique wall sconces with numbers

#1: Bryce Sconce Saucer

This one spoke to me at first because of the mixed metals – black and brass! Whether you have black or brass fixtures, it will work. It also has has the ability to look industrial modern or totally traditional, depending on its surroundings. But the cherry on top is the ultra-sleek glass saucer shade!

Source: Shades of Light

#2: Breckler Solid Brass Swing Arm Sconce

The adjustable swing arm on this sconce makes it look so authentic (and for a great price, check out the link). There are a lot of tiny details in this all-brass piece. It does look like a “task lamp” so I didn’t feel it would be ideal in a bathroom or hallway, but perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or even kitchens!

Source: Wayfair

#3: Stevie Sconce

A stone-look sconce, say what?! If there is a light fixture with a concrete, stone, or ceramic shade, I am immediately trying to figure out where in my house I can put it! I hope we see more of this in design soon. This Anthropologie sconce is a statement piece but somehow also simple in design. The ivory concrete color is lovely and neutral.

Source: Anthropologie

#4: Capped Concrete Sconce

Now this is a real statement piece! The concrete capping is so unique, as is the shape. This particular piece from Shades of Light is sadly too modern for my home, so somebody else please buy it! It’s just too amazing.

Source: Shades of Light

#5: Nordic Wall Light Single Wall Sconce with Pleated Fabric Shade

Pleated fabric shade? Yes! Grandma chic or grand millennial, whatever you want to call it, that style is here! This sconce is the perfect combination of modern and traditional. The pleated shade will add texture and interest in whatever room it lives.

Source: Amazon

#6: Sculptural Flat Bar Sconce, Milk Glass Shade

I’m loving milk glass shades for two reasons – they are vintage and they can disguise your regular light bulb so you don’t always need a fancy Edison bulb. This West Elm sconce has a flat bar arm that looks upscale. It’s from their mix and match line so you can choose your shade’s shape.

Source: West Elm

#7: Parasol Sconce

This sconce combines a classic white shade with an art-deco-style backplate. Another great mix of styles. Spot the black curve in the arm. This one will go with black or gold fixtures!

Source: Anthropologie

#8: Easton Forged Iron Sconce

The metal on this Pottery Barn sconce has an authentic hammered-gold appearance. Look at that texture! For those that love a touch of old-world in their homes (me!) this one is a great pick.

Source: Pottery Barn

Well! I’ll be able to sleep better knowing that I’ve shared these finds. Next up I’m sharing my favorite unique double wall sconces. Stay tuned!