4 Tips For a Timeless Bathroom Design

Timeless bathroom faucet

We all have our own idea of what “timeless design” entails. For most of us, its a strategy to protect against fast-fading trends. Pillars of timeless interior design include clean lines and neutral color schemes. Yet, there is such a thing as being too careful, and ending up with a character-less space. Sticking with these four basic principles should help you achieve a timeless bathroom design that has a great chance of surviving ever-changing trends, but will still leave you with room for creativity.

#1 White Walls

I love moody walls as much as the next girl, but white is the ultimate neutral. Did you know that white is not actually a color, but a hue; our zero wavelength friend. White walls will never go out of style, although certain shades of white or the particular texture on your walls may.

Classic white bathroom walls Via Maison Blonde

Try choosing as close to a “true” white as you can and opt for smooth walls if you have a choice. I took a gamble with vertical paneling in my own recent bathroom renovation. However, to me the whole room still looks timeless.

Black bathroom vanity, two mirrors, double wall sconce create a timeless bathroom design
I chose white walls for my Bathroom Makeover in the One Room Challenge

#2 Simple Plumbing Fixtures

This is the trickiest one to nail in my opinion. You can pretty much tell instantly what decade a faucet was installed by its finish and shape. Try choosing a sleek shape with no obvious timely tells. Think clean lines and be careful with the metal finish. Brass is having a moment right now, but it has been used for plumbing fixtures for centuries. The same cannot be said for the other metal finishes (black, nickel, gold, copper, chrome, or even bronze). Therefore, authentic-looking brass plumbing fixtures are likely the best way to achieve a timeless look in bathrooms and kitchens.

Brass faucet via Pottery Barn

I would also venture to say that metals such as chrome and copper are safe choices. This is because, even though they are semi-popular now, neither have become uber trendy. Imagine a decade from now you came across a copper faucet in a bathroom. I would be pretty difficult to peg the year it was designed!

Copper faucet via Wayfair

Shop timeless faucets

#3 Neutral Tiles

Shades of white for bath and shower tile are more likely to stand the test of time. A gray herringbone shower tile is stunning but will probably look “so 2020” one day. Simple white tile is less likely to scream the year it was installed. Instead of trendy geometric tiles, choose a classic square or rectangle tile. These are the shapes that have been used for decades in bathroom tile.

Timeless neutral shower tile via Lindsay Gerber Interiors

Some of my favorite white tiles…

#4 Marble

Or more specifically marbled pattern, whether it’s the actual stone or not. In the spirit of staying neutral, it’s tempting to avoid pattern altogether, but marble has been a staple in interior design for centuries. Think ancient Greece and Rome. It is a durable stone that can bee used on floors, walls, countertops, even light fixtures! It’s unlikely marble will ever disappear from home design.

Timeless marble tile in bathroom via Tidbits Cami

For some of us, its hard to shake an image of a gaudy 1990s all-marble bathroom. But marble in backsplash, counters or flooring will always look timeless as long as its surroundings are understated. Try designing with clean lines and white, black, and wood to avoid a kitschy look.

Timeless bathroom design marble floors
Marble mosaic floor tile via Modern Glam

Did I miss anything? What are your principles for a timeless room design?

See you next time!