One Room Challenge Fall 2022: Classic Main Bathroom Week 6

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One Room Challenge Fall 2022: Classic Main Bathroom Week 6

Welcome to my belated end of ORC week 6 recap! I am O-fficially behind schedule. It’s less than two weeks until I’m supposed to show the big reveal, but I think an item or two won’t make that deadline. Rest assured, it will still look amazing, but the shower might be left out. Here’s what has been accomplished.

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Cloe Tile

All the square Cloe tile has been installed and grouted along the vanity and the bath alcove. I love the imperfect, handmade look of these tiles. Plus, there is color variation between each piece. The shower will have rectangular Cloe tile but we aren’t there just yet.

This is my sixth or so DIY tiling project and I only just discovered that you can get an inexpensive grout mixer attachment for your drill. I found this one while walking the aisles of Home Depot. Silly me, I always assumed I’d have to get something fancy, so I skipped it. I was impressed with how quickly and evenly I mixed the grout this time! I used Polyblend non-sanded grout in color “Bright White”. Polyblend also an “Arctic White” that is even whiter, and more of a cool tone. I worried “Bright White” wouldn’t be white enough, but it sure is!

Flooring Troubles

I’m the type that (without fail) will buy and return curtains and bedding multiple times before settling on the final choice. Can you imagine how I am with tile and floor finishes? Millions of samples later, I will purchase boxes of tile. Then have to return said tile which is no east feat when the boxes are 100 lbs each.

Anyway, I did it again with the flooring for the this project. First I wanted patterned encaustic tile. It seemed too busy, so I said stone-look herringbone would be the best. I found basic 13×13 stone look tile on FB marketplace and planned on cutting them down to rectangles.

My previous plan

Well to be honest, I chickened out over DIY-ing a tile floor. The prep for this kind of project is pretty extensive when you compare it to floating floors. “Wait! Floating floors for a bathroom?” I hear you say. Yep, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is a great choice for bathrooms because the planks are 100% waterproof and the click and lock installation makes the gaps impenetrable as well.

I brushed-off this idea in the beginning because its fake tile… I didn’t want it to look cheap. Then I remembered our downstairs flooring is all fake wood. Also, I just toured some luxury model homes in Boise this past weekend and they too had LVP in their primary bathrooms. I was convinced it would be acceptable for my modest track house!

Laying it out to see if the color works

So watch this space to find out how these floors look when they’re installed!

Remaining To Do List

  1. Replace sink faucets with brass heritage style faucets
  2. Install brass cabinet hardware
  3. Replace backsplash with white tile
  4. Replace giant frameless vanity mirror with two mirrors
  5. Sconce for vanity
  6. New flush mount light
  7. Nickelgap panel for all the walls –> Halfway done
  8. New window trim
  9. Crown molding
  10. Install herringbone tile LVT floor
  11. Replace the ugly corner bathtub
  12. Get rid of large format shower tile + install some type of subway tile
  13. New shower door
  14. New bath plumbing fixtures
  15. New shower plumbing fixtures
  16. Install Cafe curtains

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