One Room Challenge Fall 2022: Classic Main Bathroom Week 4

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One Room Challenge Fall 2022: Classic Main Bathroom Week 4

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One of these days I will post a One Room Challenge update on a Wednesday like we are supposed to, but today is not that day! Our family went out of town for 6 days, so not much got done in the way of physical labor, but I did do some planning. Also, right before we left, we installed the between-vanity double sconce!

Tub area concept

Above is my concept for the bathtub area. As I said in my previous ORC post I’m dreaming up this room in three categories – vanity area, tub area and shower area. The vanity area is almost done – no going back on decisions now! So next up is the tub area.

I gave a free-standing tub serious consideration, but at the end of the day an alcove tub saves money, space, and time (tiling around the tub plumbing didn’t excite me). I wanted a tub that didn’t have the odd wavy indents on the side. You know the ones I mean? Fortunately, I found this MAAX alcove tub from Lowes that has a clean straight-down side.

The wall mounted faucet and tub are here on site and the plumber is scheduled to install them on Monday! He actually came a week ago before our trip, but said he needed more supplies because he had to cut a hole in our ceiling downstairs.. awesome. Now our tub is just sitting in the middle of the bathroom, very much in the way.

Oh well. C’est la vie. Just a few more days of living like this.

On to the good stuff! Look at the pretty things that have been delivered:

I’m very happy with them, which is unexpected because normally I have to buy and return things a few times before I land on the right one! Next week I plan on showing off a finished vanity area and a near finished alcove bath area. I have a lot of tiling to do. Below is the remaining to do list. I added a couple of things so it’s actually growing not shrinking!

The Remaining To-Do List

  1. Replace sink faucets with brass heritage style faucets
  2. Install brass cabinet hardware
  3. Replace backsplash with white tile
  4. Replace giant frameless vanity mirror with two mirrors
  5. Sconce for vanity
  6. New flush mount light
  7. Nickelgap panel for all the walls –> Halfway done
  8. Crown molding
  9. Install herringbone tile floor
  10. Replace the ugly corner bathtub –> Halfway done
  11. Get rid of large format shower tile + install some type of subway tile
  12. New shower door
  13. New bath plumbing fixtures
  14. New shower plumbing fixtures
  15. Install Cafe curtains

See you in week 5!

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