One Room Challenge Fall 2022: Classic Main Bathroom Week 3

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One Room Challenge Fall 2022: Classic Main Bathroom Week 3

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Week three of the One Room Challenge and I didn’t get to do anything fun, poor me. Okay well I got to remove a bathtub and knock through a wall but nothing pretty to show for it… yet.

The 90s style triangle tub was supposed to be replaced with a sleek alcove tub this week. We got as far as removing the old one. You see, it weights maybe one million pounds and we had to use a sawzall to cut it into pieces first before removing. After a while trying to cut through we figured we didn’t buy fancy enough saw, but turns out we were actually cutting through a steel bar in the tub!

Once we got past that bar it was pretty much smooth sailing. I mean, there was fiberglass flying through the air, but that was to be expected. Now onto the new tub!

The plumber came round and I was so excited for the install! Ah but now he says he needs to cut through a joist or two and he’ll probably also need to cut through the downstairs ceiling to get the drain in the correct place… Yikes! So he’ll be back. Now there is a new tub in the middle of our bathroom, but we’re out of town for a few days so I shouldn’t complain. I’ll have to wait for this tub situation, so the next week of the ORC I’ll design the shower area and order some products. Hopefully I’ll have some pretty things to show you next week!

The Remaining To-Do List

  1. Replace sink faucets with brass heritage style faucets
  2. Install brass cabinet hardware
  3. Replace backsplash with white tile
  4. Replace giant frameless vanity mirror with two mirrors –> Halfway done
  5. All new light fixtures – sconces for vanity + new flush mount –> Halfway done
  6. Nickelgap panel for all the walls
  7. Install tile floor.. I’m thinking herringbone pattern
  8. Replace the ugly corner bathtub
  9. Get rid of large format shower tile + install some type of subway tile
  10. New bath plumbing fixtures
  11. New shower plumbing fixtures
  12. New window treatments – cafe curtains?