One Room Challenge Fall 2022: Classic Main Bathroom Week 2

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One Room Challenge week 2! This week was a hodge podge of detail work and demolition, and no in-between. I’m organizing this bathroom transformation in three sections: vanity area, bath area, shower area. The floors are their own thing and I know exactly what I’m doing there so there is no more planning involved. Whereas those three main sections take a lot of planning and re-planning (depending on what’s behind the walls). So this week we tackled the vanity area.

Vanity Lighting

The original concept had three wall sconces, one on either side of the mirrors and one in between. I love this look, but I knew there was a slim chance the rightmost sconce would fit since there is a stud there. We looked into shallow electric boxes to go over the stud, but it still didn’t look right, so I changed the lighting design.

There will be a double sconce in between the two mirrors. There is actually a pretty large gap between the two mirrors to line up with the sinks of the original 1990s vanity, so there needed to be lighting in between.

Vanity Stain Makeover

The original oak vanity was an eyesore but is fantastic quality. I wasn’t going to find new solid wood cabinets for a good price, so they just needed a “glow up”. I read that India ink is actual the blackest of black stains. Maybe because its extra thin so it penetrates the wood more. If you ever attempt India ink, keep in mind it’s extremely messy. It’s ink; basically the consistency of water. Also you have to sand your cabinets all the way down, unlike a gel stain. But the mess was worth it.

Backsplash + Floor Tile

So far, I’ve found all of my tile on FB marketplace! I’ve never purchased tile on FPMP before but I kept checking every single day and then one day someone posted leftover Chloe tile for half price. Jackpot! It’s just enough for the vanity and bath area. I love Chloe tile and it’s going to beautiful. The floor tile on the other hand is very basic.. But I have a special plan for that, just you wait.

Heritage Faucets + Vanity Hardware

The brass heritage sink faucets are installed. Brass is so tricky to match across manufacturers. I found faucets that look about the same tone as the lighting and the vintage-style vanity hardware.

There weren’t any pre-existing holes for hardware. One of my very least favorite things to do is drill hole for cabinet hardware! It is so time consuming. I’m there all night with my little laser level, but it’s done. I ordered these knobs and these pulls to complete the vintage brass ensemble.


It’s quite pleasant to look at from this angle. On the opposite side of the bathroom, however, there is quite the gut job going on. The weird triangle corner bathtub is get chopped up and taken to the landfill this weekend. Poor little (giant) thing. I’m also going to open the wall between the bath and shower and fingers crossed there’s not anything important inside. I’ll let you know next week!

The not-so-pretty view

The Remaining To-Do List

  1. Replace sink faucets with brass heritage style faucets
  2. Install brass cabinet hardware
  3. Replace backsplash with white tile –> Halfway done
  4. Replace giant frameless vanity mirror with two mirrors –> Halfway done
  5. All new light fixtures – sconces for vanity + new flush mount –> Halfway done
  6. Nickelgap panel for all the walls
  7. Install tile floor.. I’m thinking herringbone pattern
  8. Replace the ugly corner bathtub
  9. Get rid of large format shower tile + install some type of subway tile
  10. New bath plumbing fixtures
  11. New shower plumbing fixtures
  12. New window treatments – cafe curtains?

I’m going out of town next week so I have to make a lot of progress in the next few days. Goal is to at least complete 1-5. See you next time!