Kids Bathroom Part 2: The Best Brass Vanity Lighting

It’s been a whirlwind of a week for us, with a ton of appointments for the kids and even some for the dogs! Thankfully, I’ve managed to sneak in a decent amount of design time for the kids bathroom project. Here are the finishing touches I chose, plus a roundup of the best brass vanity lighting I’ve found so far.

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Vanity Color + Tile

We last left off talking tile and paint colors for the room, and I landed on marble backsplash and light blue for the vanity. Here is what I chose for the vanity color.. drumroll please… Behr chalked paint in Gingham! Yes, the same color as the nightstands. Paint colors can look so different depending on lighting. So instead of buying a bunch of samples this time, I went with what I knew would look good in this house.

As for the tile, I wanted a mosaic marble backsplash and decided to sort of make my own! I bought some budget-friendly marble subway tile (shown in full pieces below) and cut them into smaller pieces. I’ve started installing already but will wait to show photos of them when it’s all done!

Marble subway tile
Marble subway tile from Lowes (before I cut them up!)

Vinyl Floors

Now for those sheet vinyl floors.. I envisioned replacing them with gray and white encaustic tile, but as I mentioned in my last post, I already had new toilets installed and really don’t feel like removing them and putting them back. Because it’s a kids bathroom, and because I still see vinyl sheet flooring in luxury new builds in bathrooms, I’ve decided I’m painting them. Here is some bathroom floor inspiration that’s really speaking to me, and both could be imitated with some good floor paint.

I can use a stencil for the encaustic tile look, or go classic checkerboard pattern with some tape. Checkerboard seems less likely to mess up with paint bleeding, etc.

Metal Finishes: Faucet + Hardware

So, I’m going with antique brass for the hardware and polished chrome for the faucet. I thought brass would look nice for all the finishes, but the polished chrome looked great with the light blue vanity and marble backsplash. I found the perfect cabinet pulls and a chrome heritage faucet. The faucet especially was a great deal!

The Best Brass Vanity Lighting…

The vanity light is one of those items I can obsess over for hours. It has to be the right tone of brass, it needs to be classic-looking, and it has to be budget friendly (I’m saving the dollars for the master bathroom!) Here is a roundup of classic brass vanity lighting I’m eyeing.

Basically, if it looks like it could have been in a home 100 years ago, I’m interested. I’ll pair one of these lights with the chrome faucet, and an antique-looking mirror. I’m excited for the finishing touches, but for now I’m getting elbow deep in painting every inch of this room. Looking forward to showing you the progress.

Until next time!