Kids Bathroom Part 1: The Best Blue Paint Color

Running out of projects downstairs means I’m moving on upstairs!

The first room on my list is the kids bathroom and I’m so excited because its a small room, and not super overwhelming. I’ll be able to remodel everything except the bathtub surround. I’m not a fan of the all-in-one bathtub insert because I love any excuse to tile! It’s just not in the budget for this house. Still, there is plenty of fun to be had. I have a vision for a vintage yet colorful space, and I’m on the hunt for the best blue paint color.

Here is what I’m working with…

While searching for kids bathroom inspiration, so many of them were either modern or modern farmhouse, or they were beautiful but feminine. Well, as a boy mom, I’m going for a middle ground. This bathroom by Megan Crosbie has a similar color scheme to what I have in my head. I love the light blue vanity with gold hardware.

Megan Crosbie Design

This bathroom has a similar color scheme and look at those fun floors!


Things I know I want for this room:

  • Light blue vanity (but the very best light blue in existence)
  • Gray + white floor pattern
  • Marble countertop and backsplash
  • Wainscoting and wallpaper

Here is a secret about this bathroom reno: Two things are already done! When I ordered our kitchen countertops way back when, I figured I’d throw the bathroom counters in there too. So, I’m stuck with the vanities, but it forces me to save money and work with them. They’ll have to be painted.

The second thing is I had new toilets installed before moving in, because old toilets creep me out. They installed on top of the existing vinyl sheet flooring. I know we can uninstall and reinstall the toilet still, and we will for the master bathroom, but not worth the effort for the kids’ bath. Basically this all means I’ll be painting the vanity and the floors in here!

Paint Colors

The vanity first. I want the paint color to be light and bright blue. I have a rich vintage-y color in my head, so the search begins. Here are some I love:

Top best blue paint colors in sample form with vintage tones

I’ll have to test a few of these out in person. There isn’t a lot of natural light in this bathroom, so I may have to go lighter than some of these. I am actually pretty inspired by the chalk spray paint color I used on my recent nightstand flip.

I find it to be rich, even though it’s a light blue, and it’s just a happy color. Maybe I’ll just end up using it, but want to test more out in the room first.


I also need to find a marble backsplash that doesn’t clash with the countertops. They are New Carrara Marmi by MSI and have a subtle marble pattern.

I would love to go full on marble up the wall, and I love the mix of tiles in this image below, but that’s a bit too much for a kids bathroom? Still, I want some pattern. Mosaic is probably the way to go to achieve this.

I’m only tiling some backsplash a few inches above the countertop, so it shouldn’t take too much time. It also allows me to get something really nice, since there isn’t a lot fo square footage to cover. Tiny but mighty! Now I just have to decide which marble tone, and which pattern will go well in here.

Simple or fancy? I’m leaning toward the simple. And maybe I can get a little more fun with the wallpaper and the floors instead. Next time we’ll have some materials locked in and I’ll talk about what to do with that vinyl sheet floor, and more!