Kids Bathroom Design Progress

We are making fast progress in the Kids Bathroom design. Cabinets are painted and hardware installed! Not to mention the gorgeous heritage facet, gold mirror and vintage vanity light! It has come to the point in the project when it’s easy to envision the finished room.

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So here’s where we are.. Most of the detail work around the vanity is complete. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my reel on installing the marble backsplash. It ties-in with the color scheme, and attributes the traditional look I wanted. As for the vanity, the brass hardware contrasts well with the Gingham Blue paint I chose for the vanity.

Gingham blue vanity with brass pulls

I’d mentioned in the planning phase posts that I was going to paint the sheet vinyl floor. I thought a pattern would look nice, but after some test runs with a floor stencil, I opted out of that idea. The vinyl has a lot of texture and there was too much bleed. Checkered floors are so timeless, and much easier to paint, so I followed through with that!

I won’t post a tutorial on painting checkered floors because there are already 1000 tutorials out there. Check out this post or this post. I found them helpful while tackling this. One thing I did differently – I used an enamel that’s literally used to paint lines on the street, so it ain’t going anywhere.

Painted gray and white checkered bathroom floor

I might paint on a little marble effect if I find the time, but I am happy with the result so far.

Next I added some tall baseboard and wainscoting. I usually do a board and batten for wainscoting, but I was short on time. I decided to try the wainscoting panels from Home Depot that I always pass by on my materials runs. The jury is still out on how much time they actually saved, but I do think it was cheaper than buying separate moulding pieces. I added a 3.5 inch chair rail, and voila!

White wainscoting against a white wall bathroom

Now this step I might actually post a tutorial for. These panels are in rough shape off the shelves and required a lot of priming and sanding inside the crevices before painting.

What’s left to do? I still need to finish stenciling the faux wallpaper. You can check out the pattern in the first photo. Then it’s just the finishing touches – wall art, towel rack, new shower curtain, etc. In just a few days I’ll post a final reveal. I’m participating in the One Room Challenge this year, and that will be yet another room! I certainly have my work cut out for me. See you in a few days!