The Best Green Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors might just be the most fun part of designing a room. I’m currently redecorating the nursery and the first purchase I made for the project was paint! More specifically green paint, in case the post title didn’t make that obvious. I bought eight samples of various popular green paints in search of the very best green paint colors for bedrooms.

As with all paint colors, what you see in one room may look completely different in another. I found this to be true when testing white paint colors for downstairs, and the differences are even more surprising with shades of green. I wanted a darker green, with gray undertones, slightly closer to blue on the spectrum.

Most of these samples ticked all those boxes yet all were wildly different from one another. Not to mention how light they looked as samples in my bright bathroom, versus how they looked on the nursery room wall.

Green board and batten wainscoting
Benjamin Moore Herb Bouquet via The Roosting Place

The Psychology of Green for Bedrooms

Yep! There is some research that suggests color can affect our mood. One concept is that cool colors have “shorter wavelengths” and that our eyes don’t have to adjust to see cool colors, as they do when they see warm colors 1. Therefore green, blue and violet are calming colors.

In addition, green has been shown to make humans feel safe in new places 2. The image from London Image Institute below show green and blue-green evoking feelings of serenity, balance, renewal, survival and growth. I can’t imagine a better formula for foster baby’s room!

To be clear, much of color psychology comes from our upbringing and culture, and research is lacking as to how much of this is human nature. But I will take my chances! Green is also Baby F’s color. It looks good on him, so that’s reason enough right?

Sherwin Williams Coastal Plain via At Home with the Barkers

Which Paint Colors Did I Test?

All the paints I sampled are in the image below. The existing color in baby’s room was Behr’s Underground Gardens (lower left). It was very pretty, but didn’t have enough blue in it, plus I wanted a deeper color. First, I bought paint samples for the top six colors shown. You can watch me test them out in this Instagram reel.

All of these colors were so dynamic and looked different depending on the lighting. All of them were gorgeous, I especially loved F&B Pigeon, BM Rainy Afternoon and BM Enchanted Forest (my favorite of those six. Enchanted Forest just looked a bit too dark toward the end of the day, almost black even. So I set out to find a similar color a little lighter.

The Final Green Paint Choice for Baby’s Room

After some digging around online and in the paint store, I landed on Benjamin Moore’s Lush, since I wanted Enchanted Forest with a hair less blue and a hair darker. Enchanted Forest has an LRV of 16 and Lush is LRV 21 (In case you aren’t familiar, LRV stands for light reflective value and the higher the number, the lighter the color). Just that little bit brighter made it the winner!

I tested it on a large MDF panel (which will be cut into strips for wainscoting). Once it dried, I knew it was the one. Here is how it looks against the other contenders. What do you think? Do you have a favorite green paint color?