Green Nursery Ideas + Design Plans

If you caught my recent stories on Instagram, you know my next design project is my foster son’s nursery. Quick recap, when my 2023 projects, this was not in the cards. Baby F went back to his bio parents early December, but by New Years Eve he was back in our home, with the expectation it could be for good this time.

Shop This Room

I had a sudden motivation to spruce up his room – currently a vague space with one green accent wall. I never knew what kiddo it would be for, so I never personalized it. Now, we are one year in and I still haven’t put a single thing on the wall. Check out the before!

I remembered to take a “before” shot this time!

Choosing The Interior Design Style

As with all the rooms in this home, I have to find compromise between my style and trending styles since we may sell in the next couple of years. I always opt for color, pattern and a hint of vintage (see the kids bathroom). I also have to walk the line between my love for older character homes and the reality that I, in fact, live in a builder-grade track home.

How do I do this? I choose Craftsman molding (instead of Classical or Victorian) which is more common in new builds where I live, and I also tend to choose trending colors. Then I add as much pattern as I want! Throughout my home, you’ll find paneling, faux wallpaper, plaid curtains and vintage-inspired rugs.

A good example of wall treatments that walk the line of trending and vintage via Chris Loves Julia

Choosing A Color Palette

Before we even moved in I painted a quick accent wall in there just to give it something. But green really is Baby F’s color! He has strawberry blond hair and I find myself dressing him in green a lot. Well I’m actually not loving the current green on the wall. I’d like more blue undertones (similar to the photo above).

This is the color palette I have in mind:

I’ve already started testing green paint samples, but I’m still not 100% sold on any of them. They are all really gorgeous, it’s just finding the right color for this room. Not too dark and moody (it’s a kids room after all) but not too much of a crayon-green if that makes sense?

I will most likely have a dedicated blog post about finding the perfect green paint color for a room, so keep an eye out for that!

My annoying method for choosing paint

The Nursery Mood Board…

So even though the exact green shade has not been chosen, the color palette is pretty much decided. I also know for sure I want board and batten style wainscoting, with wallpaper for the rest of the wall. I haven’t even started wallpaper shopping yet, I just know this room needs it. I’ll need to change out the lighting (it’s currently a nickel boob light) and add an area rug and vintage style dresser. Pair that with his existing crib and glider and I’m hoping the result will look something like this!

I’m giving myself 3 weeks to finish this room! If I keep from getting sidetracked by other things I want to do to my house, I think I can swing it. There’re no tiling, plumbing, or flooring after all! I’ll have an update next week and will keep posting progress in Instagram stories!