“Classy Christmas”: Timeless Holiday Decor for 2023

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When I plan my decorating for the Holidays, I always catch myself thinking of that episode of The Office when Michael was obsessed with throwing a “classy Christmas” party because he wanted to impress Holly. He changes out of his fat Santa suit, and into a red velvet cigar robe, and pegged himself “Bond… Santa Bond”.

But I get it! Out with the green foil tinsel and the colorful tree Pam adorned with a pine air freshener! In with the gold and white decorations… and cello player!

I’m not an early Christmas decorator. I’m still shopping for decor as we speak. And when I online shop, I’m pretty thorough, so I’m here to help you out too, with all my finds for a “classy” Christmas! In other words, I’m on the hunt for timeless decor, some pricey yet meant to last, and some thrifty plastic pieces (thank you Target) that look more expensive than they are.

Tree Ornaments

Target, Anthropologie, and Pottery Barn had the most extensive collection of neutral, bronze and brass ornaments. I’m hoping to do a combination of these colors for what will hopefully be a tall tree (I have vaulted ceilings in the new house). Ceramic ornaments and bells are a timeless pick, and I’ve been seeing more of these this year.


My mom cross-stitched each of our personalized stockings when my sisters and I were babies. They still hang from my parents mantle to this day during the holidays. The same ones! They are like little heirlooms. I haven’t done the same for my family yet, but I will one day. Since we’ve gone out of town every Christmas since Leo was born, I just display stockings I think go best with the design of the family room.

For those in the market for non-personalized, trendy stockings, I found these patterned ones irresistible.

Quick Tips for Choosing Decorations

1. Choose items that won’t end up in the trash in the next year or so..

Pick decorations that makes you happy to unpack year after year. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy trendy. If you love mid-century modern, go for it! If it’s really your style, I bet you’ll still love it years from now.

2. Color palette: 3-5 colors and no more than 2 non-neutrals

For example, I like white, gold and bronze. But I will have greenery and a teensy bit of red. That’s 5 colors, 3 of which are neutrals. Green and red are obvious choices, but I love blue too. Since I’m adding red, I’m not purchasing anything blue. 

3. Double check dimensions!

We’ve all bought something on Amazon that looks big in the photos. It arrives, and it’s tiny. You did read the dimensions but didn’t really pay attention. You need to break out the measuring tape and really visualize that size in its space.

4. Be practical: Consider child-proofing & storage needs

Have small children? Don’t buy glass trees for the console table. Have limited storage space in your garage? Don’t buy the giant nutcracker. Seems obvious, but I’ve made these mistakes in the past. Not the giant nutcracker. If I had one of those, I’d never let it go. But there might be a glittery family of deer in my garage that don’t fold and are impossible to store, and I want to kick them every time I see them, but then I’d get glitter everywhere…

Happy Classy Christmas shopping everyone!